Improvisations Vol. II: Trying {some} Times

by Art Pleasley

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Okay, so last week I chucked out 3 ½ hours of music (a little excessive, I know) and told you the story of Melvin from New Orleans. This week I’ve condensed things a little to a slightly more digestible 75 minutes and present you with an analogy rather than an anecdote.

Firstly though, I feel the need to again reinforce that these flights of fancy are in no way any kind of “album” – more just something abstract to chuck on and ignore while you do the dishes. Or hang out the washing. Or watch the vista scroll through the train window on your daily commute (without any of those pesky “lyrics” trying to impose any particular emotion onto the sounds you’re hearing).

This is the sound of me allowing myself to fail. That may seem a little defeatist, but it’s something that’s really important. Talk to anyone of even a remotely creative temperament and they’ll tell you the same. The steps you take on the way to something often send your mind in a direction it normally wouldn’t go and when you’re experiencing the dreaded “writers’ block” (no matter what your creative platform), that’s fucking priceless.

Admittedly, a lot of the time you’ll be subject to a bung note or two on the way to an idea – those of you with a keen ear and an open mind might listen along and think “almost buddy, almost!” – yet I’m quite enjoying doing these and would love any feedback should any of these sketches pique your interest.

Ah yes, the analogy:

Remember when you’d go to the newsagent circa 1995/96 (I think they still do this, but it was all the rage back then) and there’d be some sort of weekly collectible magazine? I vividly remember collecting the glow-in-the-dark dinosaur skeleton week by week and the ballin’ Wallace & Gromit approved science magazine “Techno Quest”. Anyway, this series of mixtapes is my attempt at such a thing. Like last week’s “Quality Over Quantity”, the first one was always massive (and maybe included a binder folder and some totally sweet stickers) but every one after that just included the magazine and something else to add to the collection.

I’ll admit it’s a tenuous link but alas, here is the second issue – the latest in my series of live improvisations with ridiculous titles “Trying {some} Times”. Bonus points if you can decode the four levels of meaning I tried to cram into this name.

Anyway, let’s see if I can do this again next week.


-Art Pleasley


released September 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Art Pleasley Melbourne, Australia

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